About me

I am currently a Research Associate with the Software Development Team at King's College London. Before that I was a Senior Lecturer in Computer Science at the University of Wolverhampton, and before that I worked at the University of Coventry in a number of roles, starting out as a Tutorial Assistant (or "Demonstrator") and ending up as a Senior Lecturer. I studied Computer Science at the University of Cambridge.

While at Coventry James Shuttleworth and I wrote a CS1 module on programming based on the Python programming language. We felt Python was a simpler language to start students with, we could lead them gently into the language and put OO last and set some fun assignments using powerful libraries like PyGame. Our students achieved a lot with that approach and the result was a book based on our teaching, written with Russel Winder, called Python for Rookies.

My research interests generally lie in the area of programming languages and tools.

Curriculum Vitae